Plan to promote, dare to think to make your brand supersede all others in the market with the arm of our 360o campaign. Be unprecedented, unrivalled and unstoppable in the business history of India.

Our Approach to Delivering Value

The uniquely tailored Mobile Van promotion takes your brand to the farthest corner on the map and deeper into the hearts of rural of populace.

Market day activities - Trending with advantage! : - With rural india’s transactions at Mandis, Haats, Melas and special days of trade in villages averaging Billions of rupees yearly. GoRuralIndia has conceived a host of special activities for targeting these unsung hotbeds of trading.

Rural Folk Arts & Interactive Games: - Having an overwhelming effect on the rural audience, GoRuralIndia in association with 120 Folk art groups of south India effort the most Comprehensive services for promoting the brands.

Our Recent Campaigns

Mobile Van Campaign
Mobile Van Campaign