Communication Methodology

Folk Arts

Folk art is spontaneous and functional. We have got contacts with villages all over, so we know the type of dance, music and theatre performance that is unique to each area. The communicative potential of Indian traditional performing arts has shown its power over time. As traditional media are close to the hearts and minds of the villagers, we can utilize it for effective communication. To convey the messages regarding various products and services, we can arrange a wide array of media local fares, puppet shows, street theatre folk songs, and ballads.

Folk Arts - Communication Methodology
Interactive Games - Communication Methodology

Interactive Games

Interactive games introduce subject matter in a fun and pressure-free way. This makes it less intimidating. Instead of taking the product to the door step, we call people to a common venue and introduce the product in a fun filled atmosphere. As brain gives green signal to anything that is gulped in a cheerful atmosphere, GoRural India utilizes lots of enjoyable game plans. Our interactive games can be used as a potential tool to launch a new product or go over products that are familiar to all..

Different forms of folk arts, traditional, interactive games and other regional activities are well studied and structured to pool in locals during campaigns. We know the importance of all kinds’ of rural people and their buying power. These local forms and arts turns to be highly effective communication methods to persuade even illiterates to purchase products with full awareness. We don’t leave the chance for any reason. We know how to tap and engage going to their level without hindering our product identity and value.