5K Run to Celebrate in Nellore

The Nellore 5K run, held on October 11, 2015 at A.C. Subba Reddy Stadium was a great success. The event saw over 2,000 youth, students and denizens who actively took part in the run. The race was aimed at spreading the message “Go Green Nellore”.

The event was flagged off by Smt. M. Janaki, Collector, Nellore District, and M. Rajmohan Reddy MP's from A.C. Subba Reddy Stadium. It also consisted of celebrities who took part with all enthusiasm to help in motivating people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

All the participants wore customized t-shirts that helped create a sense of fellowship and oneness among them. Not only was the event a success but, it also helped bring people together to support a good cause that sought to make people fit and make their lives better.

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