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SWOT Analysis and Market Assessment

Before stepping into the market, we undertake market analysis and research to study the pulse of the market. As SWOT analysis poses to be very decisive we study very keenly about the product and its future; our experts hold a series of talks and strategically host pilot launching programme.

We offer insightful marketing methodology and design well-planned market reach out to create a friendly customers base; at the same time we go on carrying out effective visual merchandising model for strategic promotion of various products and services. And ultimately the product grows as a superior brand under our branding techniques. Visual merchandising and strategic promotions, public relations output leverage the branding efforts and thereby GO Rural India flawlessly nurtures you to be a great brand in the market.

Rural Catalysts and Marketing Mechanisms

Being a marketing and communication firm we continue to explore innovative and scientific approaches to brand management and brand positioning. One of the most important marketing elements is to depute village catalysts and promoters to establish strong market presence in the rural set up. Employing village catalysts to represent the brand product physically counts a lot and then our team of experts takes the brand to the most effective channels so as to position it as a customer's friendly product. This unceasingly develops a very strong connectivity between products and consumers.

Visual Merchandising and Strategic Promotion

In the marketing scenario, visual merchandising and promotion is one of the great catalysts to boom up sales; which is why most premier agencies don't venture into markets without this. This is the science and art of marketing strategies as it chops off the costs involved for promotion and branding. Any product or service has to be effectively exposed to the users and successfully be merchandised in order to slay competitors. When it is scientifically done; it establishes its own edge in the minds of consumers. In connection with this, we at Go Rural India, organise an effective visual merchandising model for strategic promotion of various products and services.

Franchise and Retail Stores:

The Vehicle of Marketing Go Rural India always looks forward to new ventures in retailing and franchise trading and merchandising. Even a small retail counter matters a lot as masses of small drops of water make the big sea. It establishes countless small counters across various rural segments to facilitate brand equity positioning to make the brand to be exposed to thousands of rural and urban customers. GO Rural India also makes use of effective media to create product awareness and enhance the segments of market; thereby the task of reaching out to the potential customers becomes much smoother.

Our Recent Campaigns

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